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Arch Linux 12 MB >_ A complete Arch Linux restored from a snapshot, additional files are loaded as needed
Damn Small Linux 50 MB 💻 Graphical Linux with 2.4 kernel, Firefox 2.0 and more. Takes 1 minute to boot.
Buildroot Linux 5.0 MB >_ Minimal Linux with busybox, Lua, tests, internet access, ping, telnet and curl. Exchange files through /mnt/.
ReactOS 18 MB 💻 Windows-compatible OS. Restored from snapshot
Windows 2000 22 MB 💻 Including Pinball and Internet Explorer with internet access. Additional sectors are loaded as needed.
Windows 98 9.7 MB 💻 Including Minesweeper and Internet Explorer with internet access. Additional sectors are loaded as needed.
Windows 95 4.6 MB 💻 Restored from snapshot
Windows 3.1 15 MB 💻 Takes 15 seconds to boot
Windows 1.01 0.6 MB 💻 Takes 1 second to boot
MS-DOS 6.22 4.4 MB >_ With Enhanced Tools, QBasic, vim, games and demos.
FreeDOS 0.5 MB >_ With nasm, vim,, Rogue, some games and demos.
FreeBSD 17 MB >_ FreeBSD 12.0 base install. Restored from snapshot.
OpenBSD 12 MB >_ OpenBSD 6.6 base install. Restored from snapshot.
9front 4.4 MB 💻 A Plan 9 fork.
Haiku 38 MB 💻 An open-source operating system inspired by BeOS. Restored from snapshot. Includes network support.
SerenityOS 17 MB 💻 A graphical Unix-like operating system. Restored from snapshot.
HelenOS 7.9 MB 💻 A graphical operating system based on a multiserver microkernel design
FiwixOS 15 MB >_ A Unix-like OS written from scratch. Includes Doom.
Android-x86 42 MB 💻 An x86 port of the Android Open Source Project, version 1.6. Quite slow. Takes about 10 minutes to boot.
Oberon 1.2 MB 💻 Native Oberon 2.3.6
KolibriOS 1.4 MB 💻 Fast graphical OS written in Assembly
QNX 1.3 MB 💻 QNX 4.05 Demo disk (no networking)
Snowdrop 0.3 MB >_ A homebrew operating system from scratch, written in assembly language
Solar OS 0.3 MB 💻 Simple graphical OS
Bootchess 512 B >_ A tiny chess program written in the boot sector
SectorLISP 512 B >_ A LISP interpreter that fits into the boot sector


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